Sammy Mojica takes his talents to Drexel

SammySammy Mojica is a 6’4” guard that does a little bit of everything. He is able to shoot and he likes to rebound. He knows how get to the hoop.  His parents are from Puerto Rico. His mother was born in PR and she is from Dorado. His father is from Moca. He graduated from Brimmer and May High School where he scored 1,000 career points in only two seasons. In addition, He attended at Chelsea High School, where he averaged over 24 points, five rebounds, six assists and three steals per game in his final season.  He named on the Second Team All-NEPSAC. He is set to start his college basketball career at the University of Drexel in 2014. He shared some words with Boricuas En El Basket.

Why did you choose Drexel over other colleges? They were the first school to give me a chance with my first scholarship. They recruited me for a long time too and was straight up with me the whole time.  What will be your roll on the team and what are your expectations this season with Drexel? Right now, I will be coming off the bench for the 2 and 3 position just trying to be ready when they need me. My expectations are just to play. My role that the coach wants me to play, just want to be ready when my name is called. What are the expectations of Drexel for this season at the CAA? People think we are down and a young team that is going to need work. However, we are going to surprise some people this season. We are predicted to be a low seed this season in our conference the CAA. Have you ever represented the Puerto Rico National Team? No. I always wanted to. I have been telling my parents that I wanted to represent PR since I was a little boy. What will expect of Sammy Mojica in the future? To make a name for myself and have a great college career. Could you give some words for the fans of Boricuas en el Basket? Just hoping one day to represent my country proudly as I always wished as a kid. I know I  would not let them down.

Interview by: Jose Castro /

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