An outstanding start for Devon Collier (Interview)


Despite the loss of Oregon State against DePaul, 93 to 81, Devon Collier had a huge game. Devon Collier scored a career high 32 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in the game. How do you feel about your performance? I think I started off strong, but this is a team game and we didn’t come out with a victory, so our performance wasn’t good enough. You have improved a lot. This season you have been on fire, averaging 23 points, and 9.5 rebounds.  What adjustments you made in order for you to have this hot start this season? I just been focused and trying to do all I can to get a lot of wins for the program. Just my last year and I have to make it count. Are you going to place your name in the draft of the BSN to play in the upcoming season in Puerto Rico basketball league?  I’m not focused on that right now because I need to focus on my season first, and then wherever God leads me is where I’ll play. What If the Puerto Rican National Team invites you to their tryout this year, are you willing to fight for a spot on the team? Yes. Currently, Devon Collier is playing on his last season with Oregon State. Boricuas En El Basket wishes him the best in the NCAA and on his future career opportunities.


Interview by: Jose Castro /

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