Arnaldo Toro continues to leave a good impression in the U.S.

AToroDifferent coaches across the country from West Virginia, Miami, Texas Tech and Lehigh visited the gym to watch out talented players from St. Benedict’s that between them there were four Puerto Ricans. They are Arnaldo Toro, Nick Washington (6’6″), Edwin Cancel (5’11″) and Joshua Colon (5’11″). However between them Arnaldo Toro (6’9″) was the most outstanding.

“Arnaldo has a lot of positives going for him. He’s big, he’s strong, He’s tall and he can shoot it. He can finish in the post. He rebounds well. He takes up space and if you leave him open he can knock down shots. His upside is going to be how athletic he gets. If he can improve some of his athleticism, he’s going to be a high-major.” Said Mark Taylor (coach of St. Benedict’s).

“It’s a better opportunity for me and try to get a scholarship when I’m going to be a senior.” Said Arnaldo Toro.

Todd Washington, Nick’s father and the head of the Playmakers, said: ”Arnaldo is one of the top players in the class of 2016. He’s totally under the radar for now but that will change as more people get to see him. He had a great summer playing for the Puerto Rico 16U National Team that qualified for the 2014 17U World Championships. He’s only 15, 6-9 and can play three positions. He is a great kid, a, hard worker and his upside is totally off the charts. He has a chance to be a top 10 level player in the class of 2016. And he is not one of these 17 year old 10th graders either. He is a true sophomore.”

Another team those are interesting for Arnaldo Toro are South Carolina, Texas Tech and Georgetown.

“Now I’m a four or five, I’m trying to work on [becoming] a three,” Toro said. “Try to get in college as a three.”


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