Armando Dunn transfers to Cardozo High School

ArmandoArmando Dunn is a guard / forward of 6’4″ that can play and defend multiple positions. He is 16 years old and is going to start his junior year in high school (Class of 2015). The young prospect is from Queens Village, NY with Puerto Rican roots from his mom’s side of the family. His family is from Bayamon and his grandfather was Puerto Rican. When were your first steps in Basketball? I started playing organized basketball in the 6th grade when I was about 12 or 13 and from there I always stayed in the gym and worked hard. How you describe yourself as a basketball player? I love to win and I hate to lose and I just want to push myself and challenge myself at all times. I rebound and jump well for my size and able to create for myself and my teammates. I want to improve my game every day by working on my weak hand, my jump shot, and my handle. When I play I give everything I have and will do anything to help my team win. I transferred to Cardozo to be closer to home and play for Coach Ron Naclario, a demanding and great coach where I am from. What are your expectations this year at Cardozo High School? To definitely compete for a city championships, get better and improve, and become the best player that I can be. We have a talented team and if everything goes as planned we can do great things this year and next year. What is your role at Cardozo? Are you starting or you coming off the bench? My coach told me that he is going to put the best five players on the floor nothing is promised but practicing hard and competing will definitely help me get time on the court. 

This summer he played with the U16 national team and they qualified for World Championships for 2014. Could you talk about this experience?  I played with the U16 team this summer and we traveled to Argentina and Uruguay. There was no better experience than that. Getting to understand a new culture and meeting different people was a humbling and blessing experience.

What has been your greatest achievement in basketball? Best achievement was when I was honored at Madison Square Garden for receiving the Dave Debusschere award for academic and athletic achievement my freshman year in high school. That year I was on junior varsity and I got to go center court in the third quarter of the clippers-Knicks game. What plans do you have for the future? I want to play college basketball Division 1 or 2 and get my degree. If basketball takes me further professionally then I would definitely consider that as well. Could you give some words for the fans of Boricuas en el Basket? Thanks for the opportunity as well the support. Puerto Rico is greatest and I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else.

Interview by: Jose Castro /

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