The Puerto Rican U17 Team Advance To The Semifinals


Puerto Rico obtained the pass to the next round and finish in the first place after defeating Bahamas with a 19 point victory, 85 to 66. Jerron Love had a great performance, scoring 27 points and made key baskets in clutch moments of the game.

Jerron your performance was amazing. You helped the team achieve the victory with over 9 points to obtain the pass to the next round. How you feel about that? “It was a do or die situation! I just thought of all the hard work me and my team put in and I refused to let that go to waste!” Yesterday, PR loss against Virgin Island and you had a silent game. How you prepared today to have a great performance? “Virgin Islands played a good game with their zone. I had to gather myself mentally and have the determination to kill and win by at least 9. Today my teammates helped me achieve that.” What are the strategies to accomplish a victory over Mexico? “The game plan is to box out and run. We need to play harder every time we step on the court.”

Other Puerto Rican member that helped in the victory was Jose Arroyo with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Jose Arroyo with great rebounding helped the team in that category in which they were lacking of in the first round. Today Puerto Rico faces Mexico in the second round of the Tournament. If Puerto Rico defeats Mexico, they will go for the gold medal in the finals.

Interview by: Jose Castro /

Box Score:

    • Norma Ortiz
    • August 18th, 2013

    BRAVO, JERRON, BRAVO! Let us know if you’ll tour in Florida so we can go see you.

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