Nick Rodriguez joins the Bulldogs


Name: Nicholas Rodriguez
Position: Guard
Height:  5’11”
Weight:  142lbs
Year: Senior
Hometown:  Orlando, FL
High School:  Life Christian Academy

Nicholas Rodriguez is a lightning quick point guard who can score the ball on both side of the court. He is an unselfish basketball player that creates plays for his teammates. The young prospect led his school in scoring with 19.5 points and 8 .2 assists per game. Nicholas Rodriguez will be playing for the Bulldogs of Dean College in the NJCAA (Junior College) and shared some words with Boricuas En El Basket.

(BEEB) 1. Who is Nick Rodriguez? Could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?

(NR) A Poing Guard with a height of 5’11, with the abilities to get to the rim and finish  and can be a knock down shooter if needed. Very athletic.

(BEEB) 2. Talk about your first steps in Basketball?

(NR) My first time playing basketball was in 5th grade for a league in my school ever since then I have loved the Game like no other.

(BEEB) 3. In which college basketball team are you going to play?

(NR) Dean College.

(BEEB) 4. Is this a Junior College? How was the process to get Dean College?

(NR) Yes, it was great a lot of contact back and forth, I felt like it was a perfect fit for me.

(BEEB) 5. What can you bring to Dean College team?

(NR) I can bring energy hard work and passion to the Dean College team.

(BEEB) 6. What is going to be your role in the team? Are you going to be a starter or a backup?

(NR) My role on the team is going to be to get players open and make everyone around me better I’m not sure if I’m starting but I’m going to give 110% and if I don’t get the spot ill work to help the team in any way I can.

(BEEB) 7.  What is your strongest skill in basketball? What skills you need to improve in basketball?

(NR) Strongest skill is passing. I need to improve on shooting.

(BEEB) 8.  Where your Puerto Rican roots come from? Are your parents or grandparents were born in Puerto Rico?

(NR) My grandparents were born there.

(BEEB) 9. Have you ever represented Puerto Rico in an International Tournament? If the answer is yes, What has been your better performance?

(NR) No I would like to one day.

(BEEB) 10. What has been your greatest Basketball achievement?

(NR) Winning the championship and MVP on the same day my nephew was born 8-18-07.

(BEEB) 11.  What do you want for your future?

(NR) To play professionally overseas and take care of my family.

(BEEB) 12. Some words for the Boricua en el basket fans?

(NR) Thank you everyone who supported me and the BEEB movement, God bless you all.

Interview by: Jose Castro /

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