Haanif Cheatham brings his “A” game to Puerto Rico

Haanif Cheatham

Haanif Cheatham
Position: Guard
Height: 6’5“
Weight: 178 lbs
Year: Junior
High School: Pembroke Pines Charter
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Florida

Haanif Cheatham is a lefty with the ability to play either guard position effectively in which he posses a nice court vision, and has no problem filling up the scoring column.  He is one of the best players in his class and arguably the top 2015 prospect from Florida. “I would describe his game as similar to Brandon Knight’s,”  “He’s really good at passing and getting his teammates involved,” said Coach McThayCheatham is also a solid rebounder and ball handler, but what separates him from other guards in his class is his ability to pass. He’s very good at creating plays for his teammates and not only helping them score, but making them better players too. All of these things combined with a nice shooting stroke and good athleticism make him one of the most talented players in the 2015 class. Haanif has been approach by top college programs in the country from Louisville, Stanford, West Virginia, Miami, Florida, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Murray state, Georgia, Kansas, Alabama and UCF. Haanif is going to represent Puerto Rico in CentroBasket Tournament from August 12, 2013 to August 17,2013 in Gurabo, Puert Rico.  Haanif shared some words with BEEB.

1. (BEEB) Who is Haanif Cheatham and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?
(HC) Haanif Cheatham is a kid who works to full ability, someone who will work hard everyday until he feels satisfy, & grinds for his dream to come true. I’m a 6’5 combo guard can play the 1.2 & 3.. Being 6’5 kinds gives you an advantage playing the game of basketball, I’m a good shooter but not where I want too be. I attack the rim when I see defensive slacking or not paying attention. I can say I’m a pretty good passer, IQ is really high, know how defenses are playing.
2. (BEEB) When did you begin in basketball?
 (HC) At the age of 6.
3. (BEEB) What high school are you playing basketball?
(HC) Pembroke Pines Charter in Florida.
4.(BEEB) How is your performance at this school? Could you say your stats?
(HC) Had an okay sophomore year. Averaged 15.5PPG, 6RPG & 5 Assit per game but looking forward too having a breakout junior year.
 5. (BEEB) Are you playing with AAU team?
(HC) Yeah, Nike team Florida
6.(BEEB) How is your performance at this team? Are you going to play with this team in the PeachJam? What are your expectations for this tournament?
(HC) Yes I’m with them at peach jam and I have an idea of us winning it all. We’re a great team, were going in peach jam with a certain mindset & we wanna leave with a championship nothing less.
7. (BEEB)How privileged are you to be in the Top100 players of the class 2015 in USA? And what has been the key for your success?
(HC) I’ve been very blessed too be top 100, but I know my job isn’t done yet, I will continue too be hungry & humble till my name is called Across the stage of the NBA draft. My mom, she always taking me where I need too be with working out, etc.. She always keeps me on the right track & focused.
8. (BEEB)From who your Puerto Rican roots come from?
(HC) My mom
9.(BEEB) As we know you are going to be in CentroBasket at PR? What are your expextations for this tournament?
(HC) My expectations are we going to go in with the right state of mind no matter who were playing & come out on top.
10. (BEEB)What is your strongest skill in basketball? What skills you need to improve in basketball?
(HC) My strongest skill is being a 6’5 PG.. Seeing over the smaller guards & seeing how the defense is playing always finishing with contact Getting my teammates open through penetration, dish my weakness is finishing with my right hand.
11. (BEEB) What has been your greatest Basketball achievement?
(HC) My greatest basketball achievement  have been winning a national showcase championship in AAU. Getting all these calls from coaches & just being the best player I could be.
12. (BEEB) What can we expect from you in the future?
(HC) Too get to a great D1 college & hopefully get too the league & become a business man to get my family right.
13. (BEEB) Some words for the Boricuas En El Basket fans?
(HC) PR fans.. Be ready for a good show! You guys are going to love it & I really hope you guys come support & check us out!

Interview by: Jose Castro / https://twitter.com/castroj1pr

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