Juan Ramon Rivas Jr commits to the University of Missouri-Kansas City

juan ramon rivas jrName: Juan Ramon Rivas
Position: Forward
Height: 6’8“
Weight: 185 lbs
Year: Senior
High School: Olympia High School (Orlando, Florida)
Hometown: San Juan, PR

Juan Ramon Rivas JR is a 6’8″ small forward that can play from shooting guard to power forward due to his versatility on the court and his good ball handling skills.  Rivas JR,  has a high percentage shot from behind the arc. He is the son of  former Puerto Rican National Team player and ex-NBA player (Celtics), Ramon Rivas. The young forward graduated from Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida,  where in his senior year, he leaded the team in scoring with 16.0 points and 8.0 rebounds per game. The son of the legend, played with  the  D12 Warriors team, sponsored by Dwight Howard, where they reached the quarter-finals and were positioned #3 in the nation.  He is set to start his college basketball career at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in August 2013. Juan Ramon Rivas JR shared some words with BEEB.

1. (BEEB) Who is Juan Ramon Rivas and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?

(JRR) I’m versatile 6’8, I can play the 2 through the 3 and 4. I’m set shooter but can also create my own shot. When come for me to handle I distribute the ball and get the Team involved.

2. (BEEB) When did you start playing basketball? How your father influenced you in basketball?

(JRR) I was born with a basketball on my hands. It has been my dream to make it since day 1 and with beside he has help balance and develop my game.

3. (BEEB) Why you chose to play for University of Missouri-Kansas City over other universities?

(JRR) There was great environment and I feel like the coaches can get me to the top of my game. Great Puerto Rican community around the area.

4. (BEEB) How do you feel about the signed with University of Missouri-Kansas City?

(JRR) I feel happy that recruitment is over and now I have to set different goals and keep working as hard as work before.

5. (BEEB) What can you bring to University of Missouri-Kansas City team?

(JRR) I bring a guy that willing to get things done and that is also not afraid to get dirty. Also I bring mismatches for the other teams Whether on offense or defense.

6. (BEEB) What is going to be your role in the team? Are you going to be a starter or a backup?

(JRR) My role on the team is yet to be determine and it will only depend how hard I work for the role. I have great chance to play. Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

7. (BEEB) Most of the fans of Boricuas en el Basket have some concerns that you are willing to represent Spain instead of Puerto Rico in international tournaments, Is that true?

(JRR) I have heard this question a lot and what I say is I was born in Puerto Rico both of my parent where to. I also live there for 7 years so That’s for the people to answer.

8. (BEEB) Why the people related you with Spain?

(JRR) Because my grandfather is from Spain and my dad has the nationality of Spain .

9. (BEEB) The people talk out there that you said in a website that you preferred Spain instead of Puerto Rico. Based of this, I asked you that question… Could you talk about it?

(JRR) At I’m no trying to be disrespectful but I have never said that and I don’t wish to keep talking about it as its not important at this time When the time is right you all will know.

10. (BEEB) What has been your greatest Basketball achievement?

(JRR) My greatest achievement is getting to play at the d1level and also this past year getting third In the AAU nationals.

11. (BEEB) What is your strongest skill in basketball? What skills you need to improve in basketball?

(JRR) My strongest skills are shooting rebounding and Setting screens. I need to work on getting stronger and quicker and also developing my Handles to another level which I have I’m prove over the years.

12. (BEEB) What can we expect of Juan Ramon Rivas Jr in the future?

(JRR) I set my expectations high and I would like to win a conference championship with the University of Missouri-Kansas City and also get to play in the NCAA tournament And eventually play pro like my father did.

13. (BEEB) Who is your favorite player in basketball? Who is your favorite team?

(JRR) My favorite player is Kevin Durant because my game is so similar to his and also he is humble not a lot players these are like that I’m Going to wear the number 35 because of him And OKC my favorite team.

14. (BEEB) Some words for the boricua en el basket fans?

(JRR) And to the Boricuas I just want to thank them for the support and love from the island and hope that they know that I’m going to be boricua Until the day I die. I hope they have enough trust In me that I’m going to make the right decisions at the right time.

Interview by: Jose Castro / https://twitter.com/castroj1pr


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