Allen Baez takes his talents to UNC Greensboro

ABName: Allen Baez
Position: Guard
Height: 6’3“
Weight: 180 lbs
Year: Senior
High School: Miami Senior High School (Miami, Florida)
Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Allen Baez represented Puerto Rico in the National Team U-18 tournament, where he was the second best in assists in the competition. Baez, also was the starting point guard in the  D12 Warriors team, sponsored by Dwight Howard, where they reached the quarter-finals and was positioned #3 in the nation.
The young prospect is a pure point guard with good ball handling and incredible court vision. In his senior year at Miami Senior High School, he averaged 15.0 points, 3.0 assist and 3.3 steal per game. In addition, Allen Baez was named athlete of the year at  Miami Senior High School. He is going to start his college basketball career at UNC Greensboro in August 2013. Allen Baez shared some words with BEEB.
1. (BEEB) Who is Allen Baez and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more? 
(AB) I’m a 6’3 Point Guard, That knows how to get everyone involved as well as knock down shots. I like to get to the rim and create for myself and others.
2. (BEEB) When did you started playing basketball?
(AB) I started playing basketball at the age of 8.
3. (BEEB) Why you chose to play for UNC Greensboro over other universities?
(AB) I chose UNC Greensboro because I felt really comfortable there and I feel like I can help them win games with their style of play. It felt great signing with  UNC Greensboro because it has been a goal of mine to play division one basketball. The biggest impact that UNC Greensboro had on me was the location and the coaching staff. I felt comfortable with them from the beginning.
4. (BEEB) What can you bring to UNC Greensboro’s team?
(AB) Scoring, assists, vocalness and great leadership. 
6. (BEEB) Do you have plans to play in some tournaments in the summer before joining UNC Greensboro?
(AB) Before getting to UNC Greensboro I want to focus on getting stronger and faster.
7. (BEEB) Have you ever represented the Puerto Rico team? If the answer is yes, What was your best experience?
(AB) I represented Puerto Rico on the U18 national team last summer. We went to Brazil and it was a great experience.
8. (BEEB) What has been your greatest basketball achievement?
(AB) My greatest achievement in basketball was getting the opportunity to play at the division one level.
9. (BEEB) What is your strongest skill in basketball? What skills you need to improve in basketball?
(AB) My best skill in basketball is definitely being a floor general and leading my team to wins! I know I can knockdown shots and get to the basket at ease but I’m especially good at just doing whatever it takes to win. Whether its scoring or just playing lock down defense. I need to improve my strength.
10. (BEEB) What are your plans for the future?
(AB) For my future I plan on getting a degree in Communications with a minor in Business as well as playing professional basketball after college.
11. (BEEB) Who is your favorite basketball player?  What is your favorite team?
(AB) My favorite basketball player is Chris Paul because he is tough as nails and just gets the job done. My favorite team is the Spurs because they know how to play the game making the extra pass and getting everyone involved.
12. (BEEB) Some words for the Boricuas En El Basket fans?
(AB) A los fans de Boricuas en el basket: Es un honor para mi tener la oportunidad de poner el nombre de Puerto Rico en alto y poder seguir ayudando a abrir las puertas para otros Boricuas que aspiran a jugar división 1. Gracias por todo el apoyo!
Interview by: Jose Castro /


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