Carlos Emory: The Puerto Rican Highflyer

carlos emory

Name: Carlos Emory
Position: Foward
Height: 6’5“
Weight: 205 lbs
Year: Senior
College: Oregon
Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Carlos Emory was named Metro Classic Suburban all-conference player and selected as Eastview’s High School most improved player. He began his college basketball career at Howard College. He was starter on the 2009-10 squad that went 33-2 and won the NJCAA title . On his sophomore year, he averaged a team-leading 16.4 points and 7.9 rebounds per game and was named first team NJCAA All-American in 2010-11 . Also tabbed the MVP of the Western Junior College Athletic Conference in 2010-11. On his junior year, he transfer from NJCAA to NCAA and he wore the Ducks Oregon’s uniform at the Pacific 12. Played in all 34 available games, where he averaged 6.8 points and 3.8 rebounds per game in playing 17.9 minutes per contest where he was ranked third on the team in rebounds and ranked fifth on the squad in scoring .Played well late in the season by scoring in double-figures in 10 of the last 14 games. Averaged 11.1 points and 5.4 rebounds per outing in that 14-game stretch . Now on his senior year, he  is averaging 11.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 0.9 assists for Oregon. Carlos Emory is coming off the bench in a sixth-man role for the Ducks. He is the only player on the team who can shoot from outside while also possessing the size and speed to drive the ball to the hole with authority and make opposing teams tremble. In an Oregon offense that thrives on moving the ball to the open shooter or the mismatch, he is making the most of his opportunities, shooting forty-eight percent from the field and thirty percent from beyond the arc. Thanks to the solid season he is having, his team is ranking in the top 25 of the nation. In addition, he is a possible candidate to be 6th man of the year in the pacific 12. Carlos Emory shared some words with BEEB.

(BEEB) 1. Who is Carlos Emory and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?

(CE) Well my name is Carlos Emory, I’m from Minneapolis Minnesota, born and raised, I’m a 6’6″ Wing that likes to fly at the rim. I feel like I Have an opportunity to take my talents to the next level and I am working hard to better my handles for the next level wherever I go. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister along with mom ! I am a guy that just does his job. I will continue to stay focused and lead my team to da NCAA Tourney

(BEEB) 2. When did you began playing basketball?

(CE) I was always da kid that played at the park. Never knew that basketball would be apart of my life til I was a sophomore in high school.

(BEEB) 3. Why did you transfer from Howard to Oregon? NJCAA to NCAA?

(CE) Well I only had two years of eligibility there. But Oregon was recruiting me pretty hard and I felt comfortable w da coaches

(BEEB) 4. Why is oregon having a great season, who gets the credit?

(CE) As a team we get the credit. We work hard every day in practice and it translates to the game. So my team definitely deserves da credit as a Whole,.

(BEEB) 5. What are your expectations for this season?

(CE) I want to win in every category, first the conference, then da PAC tourney, and then we gonna go to the NCAA tourney and make noise.

(BEEB) 6. We know that you are a strong candidate for 6 men on the year in the PAC12 and you are competing with another Puerto Rican Devon Collier, how do you feel about that?

(CE) I feel like its gonna depend on the finish. Collier is a good basketball player and I wish him da best of luck. I want to be the best six man.

(BEEB) 7. You where selected by Leones de Ponce in the BSN Draft, are you going to play basketball in Puerto Rico this season?

(CE) I don’t know if I will play in that league but it seems like a huge opportunity to go play for Puerto Rico . We will see what happens soon.

(BEEB) 8. Why you dont Know if you go to play with Puerto Rico’s league?

(CE) I am tryna keep my door wide open. Expand my options with my coaches and see what happens. Just want to give myself the complete scoop on everything that I have available to me

(BEEB) 9. You are going to share court with Mike Rosario (Florida) and Chris Gaston (Fordham), What do you think about that union?

(CE) That is a great combo of players. They are both really good and tough to guard. We will see what happens soon enough

(BEEB) 10. Has there been an approach by the Ponce administration for when you finnish college basketball to joing the team?

(CE) Yes there has been a Ponce that has reached me and they are interested in me playing for them.

(BEEB) 11. Where come off your Puerto Rican roots?

(CE) My grandpa is Puerto Rican in my family,.

(BEEB)12. What is your strongest skill in basketball? What skills you need to improve in other to reach the next level?

(CE) My best skill is attacking da rim. One thing I will need to absolutely be ready for the next level is my ball handling. Other then that, I feel ready to play at any level.

(BEEB) 13. What has been your greatest achievement in basketball?

(CE) Making it to play basketball at Division 1 and next is gonna be for making da NCAA tourney.

(BEEB) 14. Have you ever represented PR in a national team?  — if no, would you like to be part of the Puerto Rican National team in the future and how would you help the team?

(CE) I have never represented a national team at all and after my basketball season, I’ll have a better idea on what I want to do.

(BEEB) 16. This is a great season you had so far, how come?

(CE) I’ve been gettin more comfortable and having a better IQ on the court.

(BEEB) 17. What do you want for the future?

(CE) I want to take care of my family. I want to play big time basketball.

(BEEB) 18. Who is your favorite player in basketball?  Who is your favorite team?

(CE) Fav player is Kevin Durant. Don’t have a favorite team.

(BEEB) 19. Some words for the Boricua En El Basket fans?

(CE) And for all the fans out there, just know that I’m here to win. I hate losing and I will do wat it takes to make sure my team is winning. I’ve proved it at my junior college and at the D1 level. I can’t wait for my chance.

Interview by: Jose Castro /


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