Derek Reese: Puerto Rico’s New Crop (Exclusive Interview)

derek reese

Name: Derek Reese Montañez
Position: Foward
Height: 6’7“
Weight: 195 lbs
Year: Freshman
College: Tennessee
Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Derek Reese wored the Puerto Rican uniform at the Nike Global Challenge, where he came third in scoring on the tournament, averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds per game. Although Puerto Rico only scored a single victory, Derek looked great on the hardwood. The Nike Global Challenge is a tournament for the best young basketball players are from all around the globe. Reese did not debuted on the first half of this season with the Volunteers of Tennessee as a freshman because he underwent shoulder surgery at UT Medical Center to repair a torn right labrum. For this reason, Reese didn’t participated this year in the Puerto Rico Tip Off for the Tennessee Volunteers. The prospect returned at the second half of the season and he is avereging 4.7 points and 2.5 rebounds per game in 15.9 minutes per contest. Derek Reese shared some words with BEEB.

(BEEB) 1. Who is Derek Reese and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?

(DRM) Derek Reese is a hard worker and whatever he sets his mind on he will do, whatever it takes to accomplish it. I’m 6’8 and I can play the 1 through the 4. I’m versatile for my size. I want to be able to do all the aspects of the game, shoot, dribble, pass, rebound, defense. I want to be great in all aspects. I use my basketball IQ more than my athleticism when I play the basketball game.


(BEEB) 2. When did you began in basketball?


(DRM) At the age of 5, Back home in Orlando and my mom signed me up in a FBVA league.


(BEEB) 3.Why you chosed to play for university of tennessee over other universities?


(DRM) It felt like a family here. Also I loved the way coach Martin coached.


(BEEB) 4.  How was your recovery process of your injury? and how you spend your time in the first part of the season?  Where you redshirted or just on the injury list?


(DRM) It was tough. It was a hard and slow process. I was suppose to red shirt this year cuz it’s a 6 month recovery time but I worked hard to Come back as soon as possible. I came back 2 months ahead of schedule.


(BEEB) 5. What is your role at Tennessee?


(DRM) Right now is to come off the bench and give the team some energy.


(BEEB) . What have you learned from Tennessee?


(DRM) How to be a man and accept responsibility.


(BEEB) 6. What are your expectations for this season?


(DRM) I want to get better each day and do whatever I can to contribute to the team.


(BEEB) 7. Where come off your Puerto Rican roots?


(DRM) On my mom side. My grandparents are from Puerto Rico.


(BEEB) 8. How was the experience to play with PR at Nike Global Challenge?


(DRM) It was a great experience, I learned about my culture, visited Puerto Rico for the first time and played against great talent. Opened many doors for me.


(BEEB) 9. Do you consider yourself the best young Foward of Puerto Rico? Why?


(DRM) I’ll consider myself as one of the best. I don’t pay attention to rankings that much.


(BEEB) 10. What would you bring to the Puerto Rico national team?


(DRM) Versatility. A offensive threat. Energy.


(BEEB) 11. What is your strongest skill in basketball?


(DRM) Being able to shoot the 3.


(BEEB) 12. What skills you need to improve in basketball?


(DRM) I want to improve all my skills. I want to be a complete player.


(BEEB) 13.  What has been your greatest achievement in basketball?


(DRM) Getting a scholarship to the university of Tennessee.


(BEEB) 14. Who is your favorite player in basketball?  Who is your favorite team?


(DRM) Kevin durant and I’m a die hard Orlando Magic fan.


(BEEB) 15.  What do you want for your future?


(DRM) My dream is to be the number 1 pick in the NBA draft.


(BEEB) 16. tough goal?


(DRM) Never set your goals short.

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