Derick Beltran has his mind set on the future

Derick Beltran

Name: Derick Beltran
Position: Guard
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 190 lbs
Year: Senior
College: Southern University
Hometown: Riverview, FL

Derick Beltran is considered one of the top Puerto Rican prospects in college hoops. He began his college basketball career at Tallahassee Community College, where he played two season and later transferred  to Southern University in the NCAA. As a starter in his junior year with the Southern Jaguars, he averaged 13.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.6 assist per game in 31.2 minutes per contest and was named SWAC Third Team All Conference. Currently in his senior year, he is averaging 15.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game in 33.4 minutes per contest. The young phenom is ranked second on the squad and fifth on the conference in scoring. He is listed in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional League Draft to play professionally in Puerto Rico. Derick Beltran shared some words with BEEB.

(BEEB) 1. Who is Derick Beltran and could you talk about your size, position, abilities and more?

(DB) Derick Beltran is just someone who just wants to work hard for everything I earn in life. Learn and get better every single day. I’m 6’4 185. I play the 1, 2, 3 depending on the game and situation in the game. I have the ability to score and put my team in positions to compete every night.

(BEEB) 2. Why you chose to play for Southern over other universities?

(DB) I believe Southern was the perfect place for me, southern was a top 25 school back when Avery Johnson and Bob Love was playing and my coach told me he needs my help to bring that tradition back and I’ll be able to show the world what I’m capable of in the process so I was sold.

(BEEB) 3. What are your expectations for this season?

(DB) Personal goals: SWAC player of the year, First Team All SWAC. Team goals: SWAC championship and to make it to the NCAA tournament this year.

(BEEB) 4. Did you listed in the draft to play in Puerto Rico BSN league?

(DB) Yes I did.

(BEEB) 5. Do you expect to play?

(DB) If I don’t get a chance to play in the NBA. Yes I will.

(BEEB) 6.  Have you been approached from someone in Puerto Rico to play with them?

(DB) Not just yet. But they know of me very well. A few people called my coach and are interested.

(BEEB) 7. How was the experience to practice with Puerto Rican national team?

(DB) It was an experience of a life time I learned so much from the older guys like JJ Barea, Renaldo and Piwi Garcia. It was a great experience, bunch of good memories. Unforgettable!!!

(BEEB) 8. What would you bring to the Puerto Rico national team?

(DB) Energy, defense, offensive if need be. Whatever area of the game they need from me. l’ll make sure I’ll specialize in and make the best of it.

(BEEB) 9. What is your strongest skill in basketball?

(DB) My strongest skill has to be just scoring the ball; I’m very sound in mostly all areas of the game.

(BEEB) 10. What skills you need to improve in basketball?

(DB) My PG skills.

(BEEB) 11. What has been your greatest achievement in basketball?

(DB) Voted first team all SWAC and leading my team to a winning season. Hopefully a championship.
3rd team all swac last year. My greatest achievement also is just getting better every practice and every game.

(BEEB) 12. What do you want for your future?

(DB) Just be a successful basketball player. Whether it’s the NBA, overseas or Puerto Rico.

(BEEB) 13. Who is your favorite player in basketball? Who is your favorite team?

(DB) Kobe Bryant and Knicks

(BEEB) 14. Some words for the Boricua en el Basket fans?

(DB) Puerto Rico is the best island I every been too, and the people are amazing best fans in the world can’t wait to represent for the island

Written by: Jose Castro /
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